Beta Agonist 

Systems Conceptual 

These illustrations look at how existing technologies can be designed and repurposed to make new performance enhancing scenarios where PED's could be implemented into the world of the athlete of the future when PED's are now legal.

I focused on looking at how an athlete's body would not be taxed biologically and how a "proxy" could in affect be a receiver of the negative side effects PED's cause on an athlete's organs.(i.e...toxic blood, impurities, overabundance.)

While it is understood that no one would want to act as a proxy when faced with negative consequences, I really started to become interested in how you could entice someone to become a proxy. Just as athletes take risks,what risks would someone be willing to take when given incentives? What questions would arise and inevitably what contradictory responses would I then begin to hear if these systems were at play.

EPO Injection 


Blood Transfusion


Blood Portal 


Persistaltic Pumps 

Nerve Functioning