1 of 3 Final Films:

Using Lance Gracie as a means to investigate the world I had created for incorporating safe and effective systematized enhancement rituals, NFL broadcasting became the setting for pushing the concept further and depicting the world where augmenting both players and fans could affect the mathematization of sport and the overall game day experience within the new NFL+ League. 

This film is a first hand view of how every piece of new enhancement or augmentation plays a part in assisting the teams and athletes to achieve greatness on the field. Films 2 & 3 and all prior research culminated in the film below as future narrative.  

Yoke Augmentation 

2 of 3 Final Films:

This film aimed at looking at the YOKE system in the overall system change. The YOKE functions as a proxy for an athlete to assist in the process of cleansing blood. When attached, an athlete has the ability to receive a younger/richer blood supply. This process is known as parabiosis. It has never been done before Lance Gracie implemented it into the NFL+ league. 

The reason for choosing to do a workshop with kids on this system was to get at the backbone of why we have such inconsistency in our ideas and beliefs to PED's. I was interested in uncovering innate feelings prior to being molded to think a certain way about enhancements and the medias regurgitation of what they have been force fed to believe. Kids were given questions based on who they looked up to. It didn't have to be sports specific in any way. From there, they were eased into the transition of what they would actually be used for.

The answers are comical, serious and interesting. This film was used as one of the narratives of the 3 finals and was conducted as research prior to the implementation of Lance Gracie's NFL + league. From the interviews - one child was selected that would be a good match for an athlete in terms of how empathetic they were and how badly they wanted to be connected to the person they looked up to or wanted to be closest to.



The Devoted Fan

3 of 3 Final Films:

Lance Gracie and his team of professionals wanted testimonials on people to see just how far fans would go to assist the athletes they love or help their team win. 

I was focused on depicting to a viewer that while we know athletes will do whatever it takes, a fan will most likely always do more. You know the person - they wear the gear, they get season tickets, they buy the jersey of their favorite player yet they have no idea who that athlete is personally nor does the player know the fan who wears their name on their back. Why do we do this? What is it about yelling at a TV screen that you think will help your favorite running back get a touchdown?

I was interested in that aspect of the fan relationship to sport and how it could be reciprocated from the athletes point of view. 

Also, another aspect I was adamant about pursuing in these narratives was pinpointing our human contradictory response when talking about performance enhancements. For the most part, most fans of the game don't want PED's to ruin the game, but what if they were now allowed to be apart of the process and make the same amount of money athletes did? What if they were now the new athlete? What if the game got that much more intriguing that coaches now had to analyze blood amounts for players and fans and how much each player was augmented? The answers on legality then begin to change very fast.