The Lance Gracie Institute For Performance Enhancing Pharmaceuticals

G.1 Node or (Gracie V.1 New Opulence Demo Enhancements) was the impetus for the majority of my Twelfth Man investigations moving forward.

The designing and implementation of Lance Gracie's Institute for Performance Enhancing Pharmaceuticals aims at investigating our own biological makeup to create something new. I naturally veered into the domain of athletics and started on the path of Transhumanist or Posthuman Performance. The question I would ask myself was, what if altering our human genome was the norm? Lance Gracie & his team would start at the beginning of our athletic careers, so why not start with the kids? 

"When you consider how we design the human condition and the degree to which enhancement technology can alter it, the debate must take into account the risks upon young children and athletes who enhance themselves. Gene doping falls into this category because it is becoming more and more prevalent in society. Children, parents -athletes -Now more so than ever feel coerced to take or administer enhancing supplements." - Andy Miah

What would our world look like if parents could modify their kids at birth to give them an edge in the future, or put them in a facility to alter gene make up as an adolescent to perform a certain way? Without their consent. Imagine Gene Doping is all legal. Today. What would it look like and how could we administer it safely? 


Promotional flyer for Mr. Lance Gracie when he speaks to large groups. 

Questionnaire giving to those who would attend Gracie's workshops. 

Flyer to promote workshops where Gracie would be promoting his book and company. 

Mr. Lance Gracie's book, "Doping Safely: The Adolescent Approach & Immunity Long Term."

Research Informs The Narrative. 

I created the fictional character Lance Gracie to take the reigns of this project. He shouldered the brunt of the research and development. 

Gracie created a book titled, "Doping Safely: The Adolescent Approach & Immunity Long Term." He would then give speeches, and hold workshops about his book as well as his company. The workshops / questionnaire then began to inform the world in which these new regulations would be placed. He talked to various groups to gain insight into what to do and when not to when developing a new sets of strands of gene dope that could be administered to children. Additionally, part of the research was to gain better insight on how to work with both parents and academia when something like this would be introduced. 

Lance Gracie giving a lecture on the formation of his company Lance Gracie Institute for Performing Enhancing Pharmaceuticals  

Creating The Narrative Around The Idea.

"With the recent Passing of the Athletic Enhancement Act for Minors by Congress, it is now more so than ever, essential, that we as a sport loving society preface the consumption of performance enhancing drugs upon the next generations of athletes with safe and effective methods of tutelage to ensure that precise methodologies are being practiced when athletes are prescribed pharmaceuticals (or Gene Dope.)

Our new product, funded by Reebok & Fedex and developed by Dr. John Hilton & his team of researchers, created a revolutionary new product M7 Mercury©. This revolutionary form of Gene Therapy is able to apply the gene deliverable vector much quicker than any form of Gene Dope on the market today. For our future athletes of tomorrow, we at the Lance Gracie Institute For Performance Enhancing Pharmaceuticals have combated the redundant practices of yesteryear. We pinpoint an athletes goals with precision to ensure direct location and specific implementation when assessing a child or athletes needs not only on the athletic field but also early on in their academic careers. I, along with our partnerships, have implemented cutting edge methods and practices, as well as patented technologies like M7 Mercury to provide safe and effective biological modification to children upon entering competitive sports as well as created a world renowned psychoanalytic educational curriculum that will begin to shape the lives of our children for the foreseeable future. The academic partnerships and corporate sponsorships I have initiated will continue to pave the way for our continued success." - Lance Gracie

Flyer for Lance Gracie's "Dope Camp". A camp to learn proper usage and administration of gene dope and its effects at an early age. 

The Narrative

Subsets and descriptions of the newly developed M7 Mercury Gene Doping Strands for children. 

The following film is a depiction of the world in which we live where Gene Doping is now legal.